Having a house on wheels implies that it can be moved around. What it takes to make that happen needs to be considered as part of the process of getting a tiny house. Chris will go over some of these aspects around safely towing a house and how the design and weight of your house have direct bearing on ease and feasibility of transporting your cherished home from place to place.


I used to work in an office. I did that for too long and I decided to pull the plug on a career that wasn’t providing me with any sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. I built a tiny house for my daughter and me. I so enjoyed this process that I wanted to build more. Tiny Industrial was born. Now I build tiny houses and help others forge their own path as well via my coaching business. This new path is infinitely more rewarding. Reach out to me and share your tiny house aspirations. Let’s work together.

COMING SOON I’ve written a book on tiny houses…it’s coming out in 2019!!!