“Tiny homes have become a pretty good part of our business, so we have been concentrating on that market quite a bit,” said Gerry Wolter, president of PrecisionTemp, Inc.

Wolter Founded the company in 1996 to focus on tankless water heaters for the RV market.  Before that, he was involved with perfecting tankless water heaters in the marine industry.

Among Wolter’s claims to fame are the first electronically controlled tankless water heater and the first pilotless water heater.  Wolter continues to innovate.  He spends a good deal of his time on research and development.

“I was a staff photographer and writer at Cincinnati Enquirer 20 years,” said Wolter in a recent interview.  “I first got interested in tankless water heaters shortly after my wife and I got married.  We were sailors and got tired of taking cold showers while we waited for a diesel-fired tank water heater to get the water up to bath temperature. You don’t really want to take cold showers when you first get married,” he added with a wry smile.

PrecisionTemp is the only tankless water heater made in the United States, according to Wolter.  “Every unit is assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio, and we use as many American parts as possible.  Every unit is hand built, bench tested, and certified to the appropriate standard.”

“We offer two units.  The typical RV water heater is vented through a wall.  The RV-550 NSP (no sidewall penetration), out since 2013, is a 1-foot cube and vents through a standard 2-inch steel pipe through the floor.  It is certified zero-clearance so it can be mounted almost anywhere, including inside a cabinet.  Plus, no bypass valve is required for winterization,” said Wolter.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are more expensive to buy because of the technology involved, but they are substantially more energy efficient.  “Yes, you’re going to save money on propane, but you don’t sell tankless water heaters on the payback, you sell them on space savings, convenience, comfort and sustainability,” said Wolter.

Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient “Mostly because there is no standby loss,” explained Wolter. “A 20-lbs propane tank will heat 940 gallons of water from 60 to 105 degrees (F).  Given that a typical shower uses 1.25 to 1.5 gallons per minute, a gas-grill size propane tank will provide hot water for a whole lot of showers.”

“We feel we have the best products on the market, but without a good service department, you don’t have a product.  We have a great service department. You can always call us,” said Wolter.


A hybrid of the RV500 and RV550 is coming out in the near future, according to Wolter.  “The 500, a predecessor to the 550, had additional electronic controls that better handled a compromised plumbing system.  We want to make a hybrid that includes the best of both models,” said Wolter.  “If you want to stay on top in this industry, you always have to have a concept for the next generation that you can be working on.”

Additional Advantages

  • Tankless heaters never run out of hot water.
  • Hot water upon arrival when traveling.
  • Takes up a fraction of the space and weight (appliance holds about one pound of water instead of 50+ lbs.)
  • Eight to nine times the output of a tank water heater.
  • Virtually quiet.
  • Standard cold weather protection down to -20F