PrecisionTemp, Inc., inventor of the first on-demand tankless water heater designed for the recreational vehicle market, this week unveiled the latest development in this technology, a new model, the RV-550-EC (electric control).

“This newest model combines the best features of the original RV-500 and current RV-550 units to create the most sophisticated, on-demand, tankless water heater in the industry,” said Gerry Wolter, president of PrecisionTemp.

Like past models, the new “EC” model provides a continuous supply of hot water to tiny houses and RVs, but it uses an electronic gas modulation valve system to precisely regulate temperature and gas consumption. It also has standard cold weather protection and enhanced wind protection, allowing them to be used in four seasons.

“One of the common issues with mobile, RV or tiny house applications is a low or inconsistent water supply coming from the source, be it city mains, a pump or well systems,” said Wolter. “This is not good and can have adverse effects on water heater operations. The new RV-550 EC models help address and minimize or eliminate temperature control issues caused by these problems because it can instantly sense these variations and compensate.”

No Side-Wall Penetration

Wolter said his company solved another common RV and tiny house problem – unsightly louvered doors on the exterior of houses.

“The 550 NSP-EC has the same premium performance features and hot water comfort as the RV-550-EC, but without side wall penetration. The 550 NSP-EC can be installed to vent through the floor, making it suitable for tiny houses and trailers where sidewall penetration is not acceptable,” said Wolter.


PrecisionTemp also offers the TwinTemp model, which provides a combination of hydronic space heating and an endless supply of shower-temperature water for RVs and tiny houses.

“It makes a lot of sense to use the same instant-hot water supply to heat the interior of a home,” said Wolter. “Why duplicate the space-heating capability with another appliance in a home with limited space to begin with?”

“And,” said Wolter with pride, “all of our products are made in America.”