We are excited to announce that Roger Brul, owner and project manager of Tiny House Container, will be exhibiting at our November show with a 20-foot indestructible container home.

Roger, a helicopter ambulance pilot and flight instructor, was in need of a vacation home that could be both readily mobile and withstand several months going unused. With his background in aviation, Brul had all the knowledge necessary to design a light and modular home, all he had left to discover was methods to make it withstand natural forces. Fortunately, his father, Jack Brul, has a background in patented devices for nuclear power plants providing the missing link for designing and constructing extremely durable living spaces. Together, they serve as the perfect threat to create an unbreakable tiny home container. Their methods prove true as their very own container home has gone through a direct hit by a hurricane and two tropical storms without damage.

For more information, including key features for a container home, and to preview the three current models Tiny House Container can create, visit their website.