An overview of building codes, placement , and financing for Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs).

Short Bio

Robin Butler has been building homes for 40+ years. He is experienced in designing homes, drawing plans and building standard larger homes.

He also has experience dealing with the permit department, building inspections/inspectors and Planning and Zoning,

He saw a need for standards in the tiny house movement. Builders were building tiny houses to whatever standards and codes they saw fit. Many builders were experienced yet some were not. And building a tiny house on a movable foundation has challenges that a home on a fixed foundation does not.

So, in the summer 2015, he started NOAH, a third-party inspection and certification company for tiny houses on wheels.

NOAH began filling this void by setting tiny house standards using national standards from the RV and home building industry. Even though NOAH Inspection and Certification is a voluntary process, over 100 builders across the Nation have become members of NOAH to assist them in the building of tiny houses.

Currently, there are 3 generations serving in NOAH including his 23-year-old grandson working in IT.

In addition to being able to use a tiny house as an RV, Robin is an advocate for tiny houses being approved as permanent residences.

Robin enjoys traveling the county speaking about standards and building codes for tiny houses on wheels.

Robin Butler is a Happily Married empty-nester, with 4 kids and 7 grand kids.

In his spare time, Robin likes to fish, snorkel and go hiking in the mountains.