Karen is a Registered Nurse (RN) with 13 years of professional experience in a hospital setting. Phil is a business proc

ess SME and is in business development working remotely with clients needing TPRM (third party risk management), BCP (business continuity planning) and InfoSec. The couple is going tiny with their Agape House, a 26-foot home on wheels that expands on both sides to become 15 feet wide. It is RVIA certified and NOAH certified so they have the best of both worlds – a moveable lifestyle that allows for flexible work/life balance and the ability to stay for long periods on or off-grid — but they are able to move when opportunity beckons.

Being built to National Association of Alternative Housing (NOAH) standard allows Karen and Phil to meet the revised ICC Appendix Q standards for tiny structures, which are becoming accepted in various states and counties nationwide.

Built out of necessity when the lost their home of 15 years in Annapolis, Maryland to a thriving AirBnB business, coupled with simultaneous selection for participation in the TV show Tiny House Nation (Season 5, Episode 5), Agape 

House was ready for camera over the labor day weekend in 2018, and they shot footage in the Annapolis and Hagerstown, Maryland areas. After the show wrapped the couple exhibited the house at the Maryland Tiny House Expo in fall 2018 and more than 800 people came through over 2 days.

Phil and Karen had to put their tiny house plans on hold when Phil’s parents needed their help to prepare for assisted living, and now, nearly a year later, they are ready to head south to Florida for the next stop in their journey and continuing our tiny house adventure.

“Our blog, Our Agape House Journey, is launching now that we are contractually free to provide backstory, photos and technical details surrounding our decision to go tiny and what it has taken for us to do so thus far!,” said Karen. “Until recently, Phil’s work was taking him from coast to coast. His new work is from home and with a THOW, home is where you park it.”

Karen is exploring the kinds of work she would like to do that will facilitate the couple’s evolving lifestyle choice.