Melanie Tumlin of Build It Tiny will relate her experiences with living in and custom-building tiny houses, beginning with a Volkswagon in 1973!

Melanie is a true Build Tiny enthusiast, having lived with two cats, a dog, and another human in a 1973 VW van (too tiny), followed by a converted 36′ school bus named Idgie. Armed with little more than a can-do attitude and the power of Google, Melanie picked up basic construction and mechanical skills to keep these homes on the road. Miraculously, all parties emerged unscathed. Shortly thereafter, she met Robin, who began teaching her the right way to build things. Melanie brings an eclectic mix of passion and skill to the Build Tiny team, with real world experience in living small. Her background in science, business, and education, with a touch of ingenuity and impulsivity, bring creative thinking to the art of designing a tiny house.